Dear Katie*

Dear Katie,

Here are the things that almost everyone knows about you:

  • You are the youngest in our family. God gave you to us in December of 2009, and you have been making us happy ever since you came.
  • You love the colors purple and pink. Anyone can see that from the clothes you wear.
  • You love pandas. I’ve lost count of the number of pandas in your room, but each new one seems to be just as exciting to you as the old ones.

Those are all true things about you, but they probably are not the most important things. Here are the things our family knows about you:

  • You love the Harry Potter stories and belong in Ravenclaw house. We know this is the right sorting for you, because you’re very clever.
  • You love to watch YouTube videos. Your favorites are ones that make you giggle. And then you want to share them with the rest of your family.
  • You love to laugh and to tell jokes. Every time we eat at a restaurant, you want to spend the time we wait for our food telling jokes and trying not to smile while the rest of us laugh ourselves silly. And you are sassy, but in a funny way. This goes along with you telling jokes… you always want to surprise us, and sometimes that happens with the funny way you see the world.
  • You are artistic… more than anyone else in our family. We love to see what you create, whether you’ve painted it or drawn it.
  • You like to take care of people and animals. We love to watch you taking care of the little kids at church, finding things to play with them while you help with nursery. And we love how much you care for our animals.

Those are all true things, but they probably are not the most important things. Here are the things that Daddy and I know about you:

  • You are fierce. That is a good thing. Here is the definition of fierce: “showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.” And that is a good descriptor for how you approach your life, whether it’s soccer or winning at crokinole or being the first to paddle a canoe across a lake. That kind of ferocity is important, and it will help you pursue whatever God is calling you to throughout your life.
  • You are loyal. Once someone is your friend, once you care for them, you always care for them. That kind of faithfulness and loyalty is important, and it will make you a good friend throughout your life.
  • You have a big heart. You love your family and friends and you love and want to take care of people who need help. That kind of love is important, and it will help you love God and your neighbor throughout your life.

No matter where God calls you, or how you go after what God is calling you to do throughout your life, we will always love you and will be happy that you are part of our family, Katie Mae.

Love, Mummy and Daddy

*An Explanation

Katie’s wonderful third-grade teacher, Ginger Lunow, allows each student to be a STAR for a week. This week, she’s brought in our (feral) cat for show and tell, read her class her favorite story, and brought in her favorite cookies. The last day of the week, Mrs. Lunow asks parents to write their child a letter, and she reads it aloud to them in front of the class.

This isn’t just a love-letter to my child, but a letter of gratitude to a teacher who sees children, knows children, and loves children. Ginger, you are amazing!

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