Nine Years Later…

Katie, 8

Dear Katie,

When you were born, we almost didn’t make it to the hospital. You were a week late, so we were more than ready to meet you, but I had always expected that meeting to be in the hospital. I remember¬† eyeing the parking lot of the ice arena and thinking there were worse places to give birth. We made it to the hospital, but you came before the doctor could get to the room, and you have done things your own way and on your own time ever since.

There is no way I could have known on that Monday nine years ago how much your life and your way of living it would shape our family. But I am starting to see some of it now.

We laugh because you’re with us. It’s not just the silly jokes you like to tell or the way you roll your eyes at our jokes. You always surprise us with something. This week it was your solution to having holes in the knees of your pants. It was obvious to you that wearing them backwards was completely in keeping with my instruction that you couldn’t wear pants with holes in the knees. None of us could believe you had gone to school that way. All we could do was laugh.

We are loved because you are with us. I find so many notes throughout the house telling us just how much you love us, so many drawings of your brother and sister, and of things you think we’ll like. Thank you, always, for the picture of Spock that you drew for me! And you extend that love to so many people: children smaller than you, your teachers, your friends. You are loving and loyal, and we are so happy that you’re part of our family.

We know that life is brighter because you are with us. You live life BIG. You want the brightest colors, the loudest dance party, the highest swing, the most times on the Tilt-A-Whirl. You are a fierce competitor, whether it’s soccer or card games. We love watching you be so fully yourself.

All those things have always been true of you, but as you grow up, we’re seeing new ways that you’re loyal and funny and loving and amazing. And we can’t wait to see how you continue to grow .

December 14th, 2009 was a good day! It brought us you.

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