Review: Thrift-Fix

IMG_20180422_143153My students (very kindly) never mention my very frequent repeats of outfits. They never say, “Don’t you have three almost identical black floral print dresses?” (although I do). I’ve only ever had one student comment that my outfit reminded her of the PowerPuff Girls. But I’ve felt the need for a wardrobe update for a while now.

My difficulty is that I have some ingrained fashion rules that I have picked up along the way (No stripes! No dots! No ruffles!) which lead to repeats of the same sorts of clothes over and over again. I thought that having one of those online style services might help me get out of my clothing rut.

Which brings me to my second difficulty: I’m cheap.

The thought of having a service pick several pieces for me that I knew I would return because I’d feel guilty about keeping at the prices those services charge just didn’t sit well with me. So, I spent some time digging on the internet and found what may just be a perfect solution: Thrift-Fix.

IMG_20180422_143416.jpgLike the better known Stitch-Fix, you fill out a style questionnaire with sizes and preferences for colors and patterns. Because my goal was to try new things, I pretty much gave them free rein to choose what they wanted to send. Also like Stitch-Fix, a stylist selects items for you and provides you with some ideas about how to incorporate them with clothes you already own.

Unlike Stitch-Fix, the clothes come from thrift stores.

Because I already am willing to wear second-hand clothes, this was not a major concern for me. If it is something that bothers you, know that all items are cleaned before being shipped. Also, there were no snags, tears, or stains on any of the items I received.


Thrift-Fix has several pricing options, which include different numbers of items. Only the most expensive option allows for returns. I decided on the mid-priced option, knowing that if I absolutely hated an item, I’d end up sending it to my local thrift store. Thankfully, even though all of the items violated my personal style rules, I loved them!

I received a purple and blue striped maxi skirt. I already wear and like maxi skirts, but avoid stripes. This one is definitely going to get worn a lot.

I also got a mint green polka dot sleeveless blouse. I think I’ll pair it with a black cardigan for most days in my office, but it’s definitely one I like.

Finally, the biggest change for me was the lace top. This is something I would never purchase for myself, but I definitely love how it looks.

If you’re interested in trying Thrift-Fix, please feel free to use my referral code, which will get you $5 off your first order, and will earn me points toward future orders. If you try it, let me know how you like it!

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